Wednesday, February 27, 2008


visited the sycamore mineral springs in san louis obispo and walked their labyrinth of stones, which is based on the classic 13th century one in the chartres cathedral in france.

on previous labyrinth walks i enjoyed the curved leading form that ensures the walker covers all of the paths. this time i found the prescription stifling and decided to hop stones and such but with a sense of fear and risk that the voodoo would get me. technically there is no right way to walk a labyrinth, but at the same time with the lines set before you and the mysticism and religious connections to them, of course there is an implied message that there is indeed a right path and it is up to the perambulationist (did i just make that word up? why yes, i believe so) to choose it or pay the consequences.

bah to that. am now in the works of creating a labyrinthine scheme that not only offers choice in the walking, but celebrates it. one that might give borges some peace of mind.

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